• Canadian creators



    The Alternative welcomes /'im,pakt/.

    A brand new line of quarts paddles and other impact toys.

    Made in Ottawa, Ontario.



    Vibrantly colored rope.

    "We are a kink friendly couple just looking to have a little business on the kinky side :)
    He does the 3D printing and cuts the rope, she finishes the rope end does the cross stitching, and together we are Twisted Syn!"

    Made in Hubbards, Nova Scotia.

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    Gorgeous wooden impact toys, humblers and clamps. As well as leather collars and cuffs.

    "All of my pieces are artisan, hand shaped, carved, and are one offs. I create custom pieces."

    Made in Gatineau, Quebec.

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    These pure paraffin, hand poured, waxplay candles come in a wide range of colour options and are

    renowned for their quality.

    "We pride ourselves on their sensational depth of colour. They look great on the skin, allowing you to express your artistic side whilst teasing and tantalizing your partner."

    Made in Kingston, Ontario.

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    Sophisticated Debauchery


    Classy and unique chainmaille collars, jewelry, and floggers.

    "SD Chainmaille strives to create pieces that bring out your inner sophistication, confidence, empowerment, elegance, sexiness, or debauchery and maybe sometimes, if you're in the right mood, a little of all of these."

    Made in Ottawa, Ontario.

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    ​Absolutely stunning artistic wooden perversions.

    Made in Ottawa, Ontario.

    Sold exclusively in our store.

    Moonlight Owl

    Bright and colorful platinum silicone "creatures".

    Made in Ottawa, Ontario.

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    mistr bear

    Famous pup play gear.

    "Mistrbear employees design the patterns, cut the fabrics and put the pieces together. In almost the majority of cases,

    our fabrics and materials are purchased from local suppliers,

    the fibers carefully studied so that our selection allows us to offer you flexible, comfortable fabrics,

    from recycled and/or natural materials."

    Made in Montreal, Quebec.

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    jessica godard art

    Beautifully hand painted greeting cards created exclusively for The Alternative.

    Made in Ottawa, Ontario.

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    Alex deviant

    Alex Deviant's breathtaking Acrylic and 3D printed impact toys.

    "Making kink happen".

    Made in Ottawa, Ontario.

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    evil sister

    Pretty gothic Jewelry created exclusively for our store.

    Made in Smiths Falls, Ontario.

    weal and breech

    Wooden wonders.

    Paddles, truncheons, crops, and nipple clamps.

    Made in Toronto, Ontario.

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    Engraved tags and pins, fabric face masks, and ceramic mugs.

    Made in Toronto, Ontario.

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    ghost's whip shop

    Incredibly interesting implements of pain.

    Many creative toys you've probably never seen before.

    Made in Gatineau, Quebec.

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    Luxury collars and cuffs made with genuine suede, buffalo and cow leather.

    Beautiful colors and extremely comfortable to wear.

    Made in Thornhill, Ontario.

    bottled up creation

    High quality press-on fetish nail designs custom made specifically for this store.

    Made in Kanata, Ontario.

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    "Purveyors of perversity."

    We carry some of PERVCO's top quality metal products.

    Anal swings, butt plugs, shackles, urethera plugs, training plugs, weights, cock rings, ball stretchers, suspension hardware, etc...

    PERVCO has returned to England but the products we still have available were made in Ottawa, Ontario.

    Cheeky latex

    We were very fortunate to have been able to carry the wonderful designs of Cheeky Latex.

    Cheeky is no longer in buisness but we do still have a few pieces left for sale.

    seven sexy sins

    Another company that will sadly no longer be creating.

    These all natural scented massage candles smell so good and are great for sensation play.

    Get them while you still can.

    SideShow (in-house brand)

    SideShow was created in 2014 by Jessica.

    It is now the brand name used for all things created in-store by both Sinthia and Jessica.

    Items range from fashion accessories such as hats and jewelry, to fetish gear such as paddles, nipple clamps, gags, etc...