• what we sell

    The Alternative is packed with kinky goods. So much so, we couldn't possibly list all that we carry.
    We sell all things kink, fetish, and bdsm. featuring a wide array of stocked items within each of the general categories you see outlined below.


    **our store changes frequently and some items are one of a kind. not everything pictured on this site is guaranteed to still be available, please visit the store regularly to see our constantly rotating stock**

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    Alt and Fet fashion

    We house a large selection of women's sexy, gothic, alt, steampunk, and fetish fashion. We feature inclusive sizing in both street wear and lingerie. We have a modest sized men's section we are currently working on expanding.

    We carry major brands such as Sourpuss, Killstar, Punk Rave, and Banned.

    Wear also carry masquerade masks, opera gloves, nipple tassels/pasties, jewelry, stockings and other accessories.

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    large collar selection

    This store carries a wide range of both fashion and BDSM functional collars.


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    bdsm essentials

    Gags, blindfolds, hoods, cuffs, various restraint systems, bondage tape, sensory deprivation items, vampire gloves, wartenburg wheels, ticklers, nipple clamps/magnets and twisters, pussy pumps and vulva spreaders. Something for everyone!

    From beginners to experienced pros.

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    hardcore metal dungeon items

    Shackles and cuffs, collars, anal and nose hooks, suspension hardware, spreader bars, dragon claw clamps, lip and tongue presses, heretics forks, pussy clamps and more.

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    Impact toys of all kinds

    Floggers, paddles, canes and liquid canes, whips, crops, dragon tails, attitude adjusters, stingers, slappers and switches.

    All of the stingy and thumpy things.​

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    Rope, rigging, and shibari 

    Jute, silk, cotton, and hemp rope in various colors, finishes and lengths (pre-cut and packaged or available by the meter).

    Rigging, suspension, and shibari hard wear. Safety scissors too.


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    CBT, sounding, cock rings and cages

    We carry all things to put a penis in it's place.

    CBT delights, ball busting, urethra stretchers, sounding devices, shock devices, cock rings, chastity cages, ball weights, humblers, and more.
    We carry some of the more interesting devices for acquired and experienced tastes.

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    Pet play

    Kitties, Puppies, Bunnies, Ponies and Pigs.

    We have all the things your pet could desire.

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    Little-Space and ABDL supplies

    ​Adult pacifiers, oversized glass bottles, onesies, and other cute items to treat a little.

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    Medical fetish section

    We have a small section dedicated to medical play​.

    Vaginal and anal speculums, forceps, straight jackets, cupping systems, roleplay costumes, and other medical themed kink items.


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    electro stimulation

    We have a growing collection e-stim items sure to electrify your senses.

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    Handcrafted LEATHER gear

    Harnesses, Binders, Collars, Cuffs, Connectors, and More.

    Here at The Alternative we have a brilliant leather team making unique pieces you won't find anywhere else! You can get some of our leather items custom made to fit your specific measurements or we are able to do some on-the-spot alterations to pre-made pieces to get you that perfect fit.

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    sex toys

    Although we are primarily a fetish store, we do stock a moderate array of regular type sex toys. We do our best to supply the main basics, as well as some of the more unique toys.
    Dildos, Vibrators, Butt Plugs, Strap-ons, Clitoral Stimulators, G-Spot and Prostate Stimulators, Male Masturbators, Lubes and Lube Shooters, Massage Oils and Candles, Kegel Balls, Anal Beads, Anal Douches/Enemas, Etc...

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    what we do not sell

    • Pornography
    • Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Items
    • Drug Paraphernalia
    • Erection/Libido Pills
    • Poppers ​

    ​ We have limited space in our store and these items are either widely available everywhere else or are not approved for sale in Canada and therefore we focus on filling our shelves with other items.

    Thank you for your understanding.​


    We also DO NOT have pornography viewing rooms, private rooms, glory holes, or other things like that.....